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Recent update:

Image date: 06.12.2007 5:49 PM

Effects added:
· Updated content box inset.
· Updated Tools menu and content placement.
· Added File menu and contents.
· Added View menu and contents.
· Added play menu and contents.
· Added Help menu and contents.
· Added Playlist window.
· Added scrollbar/arrows.
· Added Rating system.
· Added List sorting system.

Past images:

Image date: 06.10.2007 7:13 AM

Effects added:
· Proper title.
· File, view, play, tools, help menu bar.
· "Tools" menu test display.
· Media type/settings menu test display.
· Hide/unhide section button.
· Improved place holder slider graphic.
· Previous active/inactive buttons.
· Next active/inactive buttons.
· Media info marquee.
· Additional video content graphics.
· Top right id3v2 tag display (Artist - Song).
· Relocated place holder track and title bar.

Image date: 06.07.2007 1:24 AM

Effects added:
· Main window.
· Title bar text.
· Minimize, window/maximize, close buttons.
· Content box w/ play/pause button.
· Place holder track w/ slider and slider fade effect.
· Stop active/inactive button.
· Play/pause active/inactive button.
· Window stretch icon.
· Title bar icon.

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